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Injury and Recovery Well-Being


Injury and Recovery Well-Being

You are the queen or king at backyard sports, whether on the basketball court, football field, hockey rink, softball field, etc., you play for the competitive enjoyment. One day, you are in the zone then you hear either “snap, crack, pop or maybe all three. (I understand, I have experienced five surgically repaired tendons, a shoulder replacement, a car accident, and a chainsaw accident, but this is about you.) What next? The healing process can be daunting, especially the older we are, but what is just as daunting is the loss of our independence, financial stress, and the burden we see ourselves as. If an injury has you feeling “broken” not just physically, but mentally then let’s join together and proceed to mend you physically and mentally.

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What is Coaching?

I like to look at coaching as a vehicle for helping to navigate your world and to achieve a higher level of well-being, mindfulness, and to improve one’s overall performance in life. Especially when change is difficult and barriers seem to appear around every corner.  As a coach, I am similar to a gardener and you are the soil. Together we discover your nutrients or strengths and then we plant seeds or actions that you water and nurture. You will develop an understanding of your nutrients or strengths, where you have too much and not enough; you will begin to restore balance in your garden of life.

I am not the expert and this is not therapy and honestly that is what first attracted me to coaching. I have been in the field of education and behavioral counseling for over 25 years and both positions required for me to be an expert and an expert but in coaching we will work as partners, it’s a creative process that inspires you to be your best self. You are the expert in your life I am here to support you, walk with you in your desire to change.

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