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Aging Loved ones Well-Being

“I am still learning.” —Michelangelo

I watched my parents slowly lose their independence and didn’t realize it, until I did. My sisters and I were unprepared, not for the extra duties, but for the awareness, that our parents are on the last leg of their journey. We began to appreciate life’s impermanence, and recognized that at some point, in this life we may have to wipe a loved one’s a** or they ours.

If that day comes, I can aid you and your loved ones on this journey.  We will embrace it with all the love that lights the world on fire. The Greeks call it Agape or love in action and there is no greater form of love. As we travel life’s journey sometimes, we have to do the heavy lifting. Love isn't all rainbows and unicorns, it's the Lotus Flower that grows out of the muck to become its beautiful self.  We can build a “vehicle,” from your strengths, equipped with the necessary gear, to aid you and your loved ones as you navigate our ever-changing world.

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